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Play live-action arcade games 24/7 from nearly any device. Show off your skills or try your luck at a variety of popular machines. Plus, we’re constantly adding to our game lineup, so check back often to see what’s new.

Claw Games

Our claw games are the coolest around! From traditional claw games to our massive, giant claw games, you’ll never be bored with the challenges and prizes offered. Use the controls on the app to move the claw in real time and the drop button when you’ve zeroed in on your prize! Even though you’re in the app, you’re controlling REAL claw machines at our arcade. Watch the live stream to see if you’ve claimed the prize.


These strategic games test your knowledge and skill! Add the coin to the playing field on the side you think is the right one to push the coins off the ledge. The more you push off, the more you win! Plus, there are special coins, prizes, and surprises available in our arcade games. Whether you play our Wizard of Oz Emerald City coin pusher or one of our other amazing coin pusher machines, you’re sure to feel the rush of knowing the coins are about to fall…


We didn’t just stop at claw games and coin pushers, we went all out! From rope cutting to Plinko to Pop the Lock, you’ll find a fun game that’s perfect for challenging your skills and keeping you entertained for hours. With so many games to choose from and so many ways to win tickets and prizes, you’ll never run out of options to stack those wins!